The Most Valuable Baby Shower Gifts that Don’t Come Wrapped in a Box
23 April 2016

The Most Valuable Baby Shower Gifts that Don’t Come Wrapped in a Box

Baby Gifts

Having a baby is an exciting time! And possibly, a stressful one for new moms and dads who are worried about all the mountains of items the baby will need.

Well, worry not! Any second or third time parent will assure you that although there are many, many things to buy, babies really need much less than we collect and accumulate before their born.

Diaper garbages, changing tables, bathtub accessories and even puffy, polyester-filled crib sets are unnecessary in many homes; while things like newborn designer shoes and adorable, formal outfits go unused.

There are many tested, tried and true, much-needed and loved items for new families that come in a box, but we’ve come up with a list of all those things new parents only dream about - valuable gifts that make parenting easier, but don’t come wrapped!


7 Untraditional but Incredibly Valuable Baby Shower Registry Gifts for New Parents


  1. House Cleaning Service
    Unless your families are clammering to clean your house in the last stages of pregnancy or first year of parenthood, this single, pre-planned service can be a lifesaver. At the very minimum, having a professional come in to clean floors, scrub bathtubs, dust shelves or do laundry when you are sleep deprived and bound to a babe, is a priceless gift.

  2. Meal Delivery
    Treat yourself (and family) to healthy, home-cooked nourishment that is simply delivered right to your door! Meal delivery services usually provide weekly meals (you choose how many) for a flat fee. While this is obviously more expensive than groceries, having cooked food available is very much worth the cost.

    See: Toronto / Vancouver / Halifax

  3. Baby Photography Session
    An often un-thought of future expense, a pre-paid baby photography session will likely be much appreciated.

  4. Gift Cards
    It is fun to open presents, but many new parents will agree that gift cards are preferred. Yes, diapers are necessary but many parents are picky as to what brand; clothes are necessary, but tastes are different; lotions needed, but - well, you get the point. A gift card (or cash), lets parents buy what they want.

  5. Manicure/Pedicure
    After the baby honeymoon stage (yes, there is one), when the sleep deprivation and/or breastfeeding weakness catches up, the majority of new moms feel rundown and sometimes even haggard! With no time for extra primping like curling hair or painting toe nails, a quick trip to a local spa for a refreshing manicure can make a new mom feel like a million bucks!

  6. Restaurant Gift Cards
    A valuable gift for the whole family! What could be better than the opportunity to go out, be served hot food and not worry about the dishes?

    New parents need more restaurant gift cards, not baby blankets!

  7. Pregnancy Massage Gift Certificate
    An underrated gift idea, but very welcomed to ease the soreness of stretching ligaments, muscle cramped legs, tight shoulders and aching backs. A hour with a massage therapist can be like a day at the spa.


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