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GiftSpaces is Canada's most flexible and easy-to-use gift registry that allows you to list anything you want - for free! Create an online gift registry, personalize it with your message and photos and then invite loved ones to financially contribute ~ in any currency ~ to the things that are most meaningful to you. GiftSpaces is super-easy to use and totally secure, operated right here in Canada. Get started today!


Curate one gift registry with the things you're passionate about - kitchen appliances, a dream honeymoon, home decor - and invite friends and family to help make them a reality.  

How it Works


It's free to create and maintain your own GiftSpace registry. A small processing fee is charged to contributors (way less than tax & shipping) and you receive 100% of the cash gifted. Absolutely no hidden costs.


Easy and fun for you and your contributors! Create a vision board with coveted items and gifts, then have loved ones contribute via credit card from anywhere in the world. No clunky money transfers or hassle of cash in envelopes.


You get the cash to fund the things that are important to you, straight into your bank account. Your friends and family get to give a personal and meaningful gift. Everyone wins.

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Happy customers
Meredith & Gresham, Toronto

GiftSpaces is hands down the best and easiest to use online gift registry! The visual appeal, ease of gift upload, simplicity of design and the fees beat out all others that we researched for our honeymoon fund registry. I would 100% recommend to anyone and everyone!

Laura & Alex, Toronto

GiftSpaces was a great alternative to traditional registries for us. It was really fun and easy to set up and payment was always deposited into our account within a couple days. I had a really great experience with the site and would recommend it
to anyone in the future.

Alejandro & Michelle, Oregano Percussion, Toronto

We had a great experience using GiftSpaces for our honeymoon fund! Guests had no trouble contributing and now much of our Hawaii honeymoon is paid for thanks to GiftSpaces. We had a question about setting up our account and Caroline replied right away and was very helpful. We highly recommend!

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