Ten Ways to a Stunning Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank
25 October 2016

Ten Ways to a Stunning Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

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You finally have a place to call your own...alllright! Now it's time to add your personal touch. The kitchen is the heart of the home and a prime place to invest if you want to add value. However kitchens can also easily break the bank, plus your account is likely already in a bit of a sad state if you've just bought a new home. So how can you still achieve the look you're after, without having to live off canned food for the rest of the year?

Here are ten quick wins, proven to help lighten the load but still achieve a beautiful result:

1) Go with ready-to-assemble cabinets

Cabinetry will be your biggest money burner. There are so many options on the market, Ikea being an obvious one, that can drastically lower your costs. Custom cabinets can cost $10,000 to $60,000. But with ready to assemble from Ikea, you can usually do it for less than $5,000. Saving on cabinetry will then allow you to splurge a little more on things like countertops, which are essential to get right for a stylish finish.

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2) Get multiple quotes
Even for products that you think are going to be all the same, definitely shop around. Wooden flooring, for example, can vary between suppliers into the thousands. The extra time getting quotes is worth every penny.

3) See if your suppliers will do cash jobs
This can shave up to a few thousand off your final bill. Not all will do it, but it's worth a shot!

4) Keep the layout of your kitchen the same
Moving the electrical or appliances even just a small distance can be costly. It's easy to overlook this, but it's definitely a big saver!

5) Seek out generic brand countertops
Quartz is incredibly popular right now and creates a gorgeous finish, however the big brands are also really pricey. Many suppliers stock generic brands that are the same quality and similar colours, but much cheaper - sometimes up to half the price.
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6) Don't go with waterfall sides on your kitchen island
On the topic of quartz countertops, while waterfall sides on a kitchen island can look divine, they can almost double the amount of material your need. One to skip if you're on a budget.

7) Add your dream kitchen to your Gift Registry
What an awesome gift for your friends and family to give you, one that you'll literally use every day. You can also break up your kitchen into pieces for people to contribute to individual items - appliances, cabinetry, flooring, counter tops - so they feel like they've gifted their own personal element.

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8) Do the demolition yourself
Kitchen demolition can easily set you back close to $1,000 depending on the extent of the job. If you have access to the tools and some handy friends, bribe them with beer and pizza and get a crew together for a demo day.

9) Open up the space, without removing walls
If you want to make your kitchen and living space open plan, consider going for a cutout instead of completely removing the wall. It opens up a room, and can also provide extra countertop space and an area for additional seating. Removing walls can get really pricey as they are often load bearing and contain plumbing and electrical.
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10) Do the painting and finishing yourself
Unless you're an experienced carpenter, it's likely you'll want someone who knows what they're doing to do the main kitchen install. However finishing off things like painting on your own are not only a way to save money, but will also make you feel like you pretty much did the whole job yourself - making you a kick-ass DIYer. Even if it was just a tiny part at the end.


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