Welcoming Kids at your Wedding and Keeping them Entertained
22 May 2017

Welcoming Kids at your Wedding and Keeping them Entertained

Wedding Planning

Whether you’re envisioning your wedding as a romantic, drama-free day or as rambunctious family rodeo, there’s no need to leave out the kids when just a few creative tweaks to your planning can ensure the whole family can celebrate the occasion.

Thanks to the power of sharing on the Internet, we’ve rounded up over a dozen easy ways to keep the kiddies busy at your wedding. We recommend using RSVPs to get an idea of the age ranges of all wee attendees in order to prepare the best activities and/or entertainment to ensure kids, and thus parents, have a great time at your wedding.


Hire a Kids Entertainer or Sitter

Sure, this adds to the overall cost, but this amazing way to keep the kids engaged at your wedding can be priceless! We’re not talking about shacking everyone up in the back room, but instead hiring a kids’ sitter and/or entertainer to play games, lead crafts, read books and even carry babies if need be.


Keep the Sweets to a Minimum

Take our word for it, while candy bags and soda floats are sure to make memories, sugar overload equates to very grumpy kids. Short term gain makes for long term pain! Instead, offer nutritious sweet treats, such as fruit kabobs or put together little kiddie bags with popcorn or pretzels.


Offer Kid-Friendly Meals (and save a few bucks)

When printing and sending invites, give your guests the option of selecting a special kiddie meal or a smaller version of the adult meal. Some will stick with the salmon, but others will definitely go for the chicken fingers, saving you money in the long run.


Children’s Play Table

While many families set up children-only tables, we know that the only way to ensure that many little ones actually eat their dinner is if they’re sitting with their parents. For this reason, we think a children’s table is a great idea, but only for non-supervised games or coloring. A play table can be equipped with crayons and coloring books, stickers, dice and other small dollar store items that will keep kids busy for awhile.


Give them a Wedding Task

Children love being useful and helping out, so why not keep them busy while having them contribute to the event! Great options are having little ones color decorations to hang on a wall; you can provide kids’ only bubbles and/or petal confetti to be used at the ceremony; set up a wedding card station or even provide little disposable cameras and ask the children to be in charge of candid wedding shots!


Indoor vs Outdoor Kids’ Activities

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, the options for games are plentiful. It would be so easy to set up several games stations like bean bag toss or lawn bowling. For indoors, a scavenger hunt is a great idea as well as board games that require minimal pieces!



Kids Rest Areas

Depending on space and venue, how about arranging a kids lounge area where the little ones can let loose. From rubber mats, to mini teepees and floor pillows, a kids corner can be a comfy spot for kids to chill out.

When it comes to kids and weddings, there are so many great ways to keep them entertained and in the mix! While it will take a little more creativity, time and money, it’s so worth the effort. After all, if the kids are happy, so is everyone else!


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