Five of the most thoughtful ways to include your Mom in your wedding
11 May 2017

Five of the most thoughtful ways to include your Mom in your wedding

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We love and cherish our relationships with our moms every day of the year. And while Mother's Day is one 'official' day to recognize her,  we also think she should be front and centre come your wedding day.  

She may be your mom, grandma, step-mom, auntie or just someone who is 'like a mom', but whoever she is, she's a very special woman in your world who you want to recognize during one of your biggest moments. 

So we've made a list of some of the most thoughtful ways to make sure the mother-of-the-bride gets the attention she deserves (and would like) on your wedding day.


1. Pick her outfit too

Bring her along with your maid of honour and bridesmaids for a day of champagne and shopping. But, instead of just focusing on the bridal gown or bridesmaids dresses, dedicate time to selecting something amazing for your mom to wear.


mother of the bride dress

2. Work as a team and show off her talents

Is your mom an amazing cook, baker, crafts-person, writer, artist? Whatever her hidden talents are (or aren't), include her in the planning of your day and have her contribute in a meaningful way. Host a crafts night to make invites and favours, plan a food and wine tasting together to finalize your menu, include a family recipe. Or, perhaps she has a not-so-hidden talent and would be up for singing or playing a musical instrument during the ceremony. Whatever you choose, celebrate your mom and spend time together planning the finer details. 


Wedding favours mothers day canada gift registry

3. Wear or carry something of hers

Hold your mom close to you all day by including something of hers in your attire. Wear her veil, clasp the ribbon on your flowers with a family brooch, include one of her favourite flowers in the bouquet or rummage through her jewelry box for a piece to adorn your outfit. 


Vintage jewelry wedding gift registry canada

4. Have her walk down the aisle with you or ask her to kick off the reception

Yes, tradition says these are father-of-the bride moments, but do whatever feels right to you, or have them both do it! Either way, give your mom some moments in the spotlight to express her love for you and vice-versa.


Mother of the bride include wedding day canada

5. Publicly thank her during the ceremony or reception

There are many ways you can recognize the huge role your mom has played in your life in front of your guests. Present both moms with a bouquet of flowers during the ceremony, ask your parents' to stand during the ceremony and thank them for their love and support, make a toast to your parents during the speeches. It can be super simple, but will mean all the world to your mom (and dad). 




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