Alternative Gift Registry Ideas for the Modern Couple
26 August 2015

Alternative Gift Registry Ideas for the Modern Couple

Gift Registry Ideas

Traditionally in Western culture, a wedding paved the path for a couple to move in together, perhaps buy a home and eventually have children. Family and friends celebrated and provided well wishes and gifts (usually household items) to help the new couple start their new lives together.

Of course, today things are much different for many Canadians. By the time we’re ready to formally wed, we’re likely already living with our significant other; have been married before; and/or are not interested in formalities or tradition. In many cases, we already have what we need for our homes.

Of course, our loved ones are still eager to celebrate, provide well wishes and even contribute to our future lives with gifts. But when we don’t need a new toaster, what to do?


Gift registry alternatives when you already have everything you need

  1. Set up a honeymoon fund
    Seriously, what took so long for this great idea to catch on?! There are so many couples that have more ‘stuff’ than extra cash; so why not ask loved ones to contribute to a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon adventure?
    *With GiftSpaces, you can actually break up your honeymoon fund into separate “gifts” like airfare, boat cruises, day trips, hotel stays or romantic dinners, so your friends and family can see exactly what they are gifting.

  2. Set up a cash registry for one or more big items
    If you’re like most Canadians, you want the cash but don’t want to ask for it. A cash registry takes away the awkwardness of asking for cash, especially when loved ones can see what exactly you are saving up for (new home, stroller travel system, kitchen renovation).
    Most people want to give you exactly what you want or need, don’t be afraid to put it out there.

  3. Create ONE custom registry with items from anywhere
    With all the high-end to more affordable gift registry options, many people are tempted to register at multiple stores. Since the purpose of a registry is to make the gift selection process easier on your guests, this makes sense - however is definitely much more time consuming and complicated.
    For simplicity and ease, create one tasteful gift registry that allows you to include items (or experiences) at varying price points and options.

  4. Ask guests to donate to charity
    A commendable ask for the couple that has it all; just be sure to specify that charity of your choice.

Popular Group Gift ideas for modern couples

Not sure what to ask for when creating a ‘wishlist’ gift registry?
Some popular ‘Group Gift’ registry ideas:

  • honeymoon fund contributions

  • down payment towards a new home

  • camping and/or recreation equipment for outdoor enthusiasts

  • high-end kitchen appliances like an espresso machine or high-quality cooking knives

  • experiences and adventures such as weekend getaways and luxury hotel stays

  • anniversary dinner at a five-star restaurant

  • lessons and education contributions


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*Here at GiftSpaces, we are dedicated to helping brides-to-be, new parents, honeymooners and all those celebrating life's special moments turn their visions into reality through the power of community. GiftSpaces allows users to curate one registry with anything from anywhere and have friends and family contribute financial gifts.
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