Your Day, Your Way: It's OK to ask for Cash
12 September 2017

Your Day, Your Way: It's OK to ask for Cash

Gift Registry Ideas

Cash gifts continue to grow in popularity, however still come with etiquette questions and some stigma attached.

Fortunately, there are new (and smarter) options when it comes to suggesting and receiving cash gifts, that make things easier for both the gift giver and receiver!


How bridal registries work:

A traditional gift registry is set up to assist guests and loved ones in figuring out what to buy. There may be engagement parties, showers, jack and jills and/or stags, where gifts are given.

No matter what the occasion, gifts are given to celebrate the new couple and help them start their new life together. A couple may choose to register for multiple gift registries to provide more options for guests or use a universal registry, where they can add a variety of items and experiences from different places.


Advantages of a cash gift registry:

A cash gift registry is designed to benefit both the giver and receiver of the gifts. 

A universal cash gift registry like GiftSpaces allows you to set up your own online registry page and invite loved ones to contribute financially to the things you most want, whether it be housewares, a honeymoon, date night dinners or a down payment towards your first home. Photos and descriptions of the item(s) you’re saving towards allow family and friends to see what you really want and what they’re gifting.

One of the best parts of a cash registry is the option for Group Gifts: it’s where your closest pals can all contribute to fund bigger items.

honeymoon gifts

How it works:

1. Imagine it: Dream up anything and everything to add to your custom gift registry - nothing is off limits! 

2. Create it: Create your GiftSpace registry and personalize it with photos and messages using our easy-to-use templates. And then add gifts - honeymoon travels, group gifts or home decor - with a single click from our gift registry inspiration boards or simply find and upload your own ideas.

3. Share it: Add your unique GiftSpaces registry URL to your online wedding pages, or social media event pages with friends and family. They can securely contribute to your gift registry using a credit card from anywhere in the world.

4. Live it: You receive all cash gifted to put towards your wish list items. Monitor your gift contributions and then have them deposited straight into your bank account at a frequency set by you - daily, weekly or monthly.


Frequently Asked Questions:

 1. Who pays?

Couples can set-up and design their own GiftSpace for free.
Contributors are charged a 2.5% admin fee (web maintenance, hosting, accountant, etc) + a WePay payment processing fee. The total cost is 5.4% plus 30c or about $5 on each $100. Less than gas, shipping and gift wrap.


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Here at GiftSpaces, we are dedicated to helping brides and grooms-to-be, new parents, honeymooners and all those celebrating life's special moments turn their visions into reality through the power of community. GiftSpaces allows users to curate one registry with anything from anywhere and have friends and family contribute financial gifts.

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