What to put on your wedding registry when you have everything you need
11 July 2016

What to put on your wedding registry when you have everything you need

Gift Registry Ideas

A common issue for many modern couples ~ those that have been living away from home and those that are already living together ~ is to gift registry or not?

And what on earth to add to a registry when you’ve already acquired what you need?

Fear not, the gift registry of today is flexible, practical and customizable! You can add non-traditional items such as recreational gear or date night tickets, group gifts or even experiences.

First, we’ve already established that invited guests expect a registry (even if they already have a gift in mind). It simply is in good etiquette to suggest or assist with gift-giving options, yes - even if they are not traditional gifts such as china or linen.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with some great ideas for your wedding registry when you already have everything you need:



Not only does science prove we get more happiness spending money on experiences (like going to art exhibits, doing outdoor activities, learning a new skill or traveling) but shared experiences are also an amazing way to help us feel more connected to each other.

When planning out your wedding registry, why not take the opportunity to raise funds that can be put towards meaningful experiences like a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon, that you can share with your loved ones!

Some ideas:

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  3. Date-night Experiences, right in your own backyard
  4. Tropical Island Honeymoon Experiences


Upgraded housewares and/or appliances

Whatever small appliance, kitchen gadget or electronic you have, chances are there is something out there you would love much more. From pricey stealth blenders to juicers, pizza and convection ovens, robotic vacuum cleaners, espresso machines or modern, bladeless fans, the options for luxury household gadgets - both practical and convenient - is endless!

You already have what you need, but a wedding registry can be a great way to crowdfund to get what you would really love!

Some ideas:

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  2. Kitchen Essentials
  3. Home Jewels
  4. Shop Local: Beautiful Registry Finds from Canadian Homeware and Designer Boutiques
  5. 8 Trendy Decor Wedding Gifts & Registry Items for a Stylish Home


Home downpayment or renovations

More and more couples are finding it difficult to get into the housing market, or if they do, there isn't a lot of money left over each month to make your house a home. If you have enough stuff to fill a house but need a bit of help getting into one, why not use your registry to collect funds towards something that will set you both up for the long run.

Some ideas:

  1. Home Renovation Fund
  2. Ten Ways to a Stunning Kitchen without Breaking the Bank
  3. Patio Makeover
  4. Dream Kitchen



If there is a cause that is close to your heart, it is perfectly acceptable to suggest that invitees make a donation to a charity of your choice instead of bring a wedding gift.

Although there is a growing number of couples that are creating charity registries, guest buy-in can still be a little tricky as some people are much more committed to the wedding tradition of contributing to the couples’ future. Either way, setting up a giving fund can be a very meaningful way to begin life as a newlywed.



Call it what you want, cash is king. And although many feel a little uncomfortable asking for it, we are well aware that brides and grooms-to-be really do prefer cash instead of gifts!

We've made it easy to ask for cash with a modern, universal GiftSpaces gift registryl. Fully customizable, allowing for items or experiences, guests ultimately gift cash but can see exactly what their contribution is funding. You get the freedom to choose ~ items from any store or any experience are listed.

Here at GiftSpaces, we are dedicated to helping brides-to-be, new parents, honeymooners and all those celebrating life's special moments turn their visions into reality through the power of community. GiftSpaces allows users to curate one registry with anything from anywhere and have friends and family contribute financial gifts.

Create your own GiftSpace registry for free here.

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