We've Arrived!

After a very long 10 months from conception to launch, we have finally arrived!

Our mission is simple: help thousands of people turn their ideas for their next phase of life into reality through the power of community.

Why? Well, from our experience, the best things in life come out of setting a vision and going big. In other words (to dial up a bit of Martin Luther King), from “having a dream”. If you’re quick to dismiss this notion as clichéd, over-used and therefore a bit meaningless, we don’t blame you – we used to too - but when put into practice in the right way it’s actually incredibly powerful. Something we’ve seen in action first hand getting this business off the ground.

The key to setting a goal or “vision” or “dream” – whatever floats your boat – is to not get hung up on the how. It’s the trap that our cynical adult minds run in to, reality gets in the way and we dismiss the idea before we’ve even begun. There have been many scientific studies done on this, but in a nutshell the reason for this is that our brains work in pictures and are actually inherently lazy. They would much rather be on autopilot than having to problem solve for 16 hours a day.

Therefore if we can set a clear image of what we want an outcome to be, our mind wires itself to take the easiest route to get there. Of course it still requires a lot of hard work and determination, but if you stay focused on the outcome, you will find a solution. If you lose sight of your end goal amongst the overwhelming sea of problems and questions ahead of you, it’s easy to throw in the towel and give up.

This isn’t meant to be a life coaching lesson. This theory is relevant because it’s the notion we founded GiftSpaces upon. We started GiftSpaces because we believe that gift giving should be about more than just stuff. It’s about celebrating life's momentous occasions with the people you care about most and helping them start their next chapter, whatever that may be. 

We wanted something to enable you to visualize your goals and have loved ones contribute to help you get there, whether that’s your first home, furthering your education, or world travel. GiftSpaces can absolutely be used for more traditional registry items too, the things we refer to as “stuff”, but we also wanted people to have a platform to go beyond that and kick-start personal dreams.

We can’t quite believe we’ve actually made it, but we are so excited to be here. We want GiftSpaces to be the best online gift registry available so would love to hear from you with thoughts, ideas and feedback. Get in touch any time!

Caro and Michelle

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