Top Ways a Wedding Planner Will Seriously Improve Your Life
14 September 2016

Top Ways a Wedding Planner Will Seriously Improve Your Life

Wedding Planning

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You’ve seen the movies, read about it in the news and think perfectly co-ordinated wedding planners are really only for the rich and famous. Well think again! Depending on how much of your wedding details you’re prepared manage yourself, wedding planners are available for weddings big and small, hired as consultants, extra help or full on event planners. Yes, hiring a wedding planner is an extra cost, however with perks such as vendor discounts, massive time savings, reduced stress and even moral support, anyone who’s experienced working with a planner will agree that the benefits often outweigh any costs.

"I’m constantly getting reviews from brides telling me how ‘hiring you was the best decision that I made for my wedding, other than marrying the love of my life in the first place!’ says Amanda Douglas of Amanda Douglas Events, “Hiring a professional wedding planner takes away so much of the stress that starts piling up as you move along.”


Time & Financial Savings

According to Roxy Zapala of art of celebrations event planning + design firm, as well as providing professional event planning services and emotional support the wedding planners’ job is to show the couple ways of getting “the biggest bang for their buck”.

“A good wedding planner will help you avoid spending money on unnecessary things. Everyone wants to sell and upsell their services. If the couple isn’t careful, they may end up spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary extras.”

“A good wedding planner will also help save you time. It takes hours upon hours of searching and researching for the right style, the right vendors, etc. Couples go from vendor to vendor, from venue to venue before they find the right ones for them. We cut the search for the bride and groom by pairing them with only the vendors and venues that fit their criteria – ones that fit both their style and their budget.”

Award winning planner, Melissa Samborski of one fine day event planning & design inc. says a good planner will save you time, while a great planner will save you time, money & a few grey hairs too!
She says, "A planner is there to source your vendors, manage budgets and provide logistics managements etc... The planning process should be enjoyable for the couple not a source of stress. A client shouldn’t have to spend endless hours looking for a vendor, it would be the planner doing that and then narrowing down the best options to suit that couples budget and personal preferences. We make your life easier but dealing with everything that you shouldn’t have to worry about".


Guidance & Support

The first stages of planning your own wedding can be super fun - choosing an outfit, colors, invitations and flowers. After a while, a dwindling budget and a hundred more decisions to make, the fun may falter a bit. Many couples (especially those with very active family input) can become stressed out and overwhelmed. Your wedding planner is there almost as a ‘best friend’ or ‘big sister/brother’ to provide support and advice, as well as be a neutral team member when it comes to dealing with vendors and family planners.

“Many times we need to be the bride’s best friend, a support system in overwhelming situations and often times “a neutralizer” – someone who is completely objective and who is able to provide professional advice without offending or upsetting anyone who is involved in the planning process,” says Zapala, “Being the professionals in the industry of weddings, planners have their fair share of experience with such situations and the means of defusing the tension. Wedding planning should be fun and memorable not stressful and overwhelming and a great wedding planner will be capable of making the planning process a breeze.”

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Details, Details, Details

No matter how much time one spends planning, there’s always that one little thing that’s left behind. This is where a wedding planner comes in! With their experience and project management savvy, couples can relax on their big day knowing that their wedding planner (and team) have got their back!

Wedding planner extraordinaire Amanda Douglas and her creative team at Winnipeg-based Amanda Douglas Events have an amazing list of praise from past clients:

“During our wedding weekend Amanda made sure that every single detail was covered. If we had forgotten a flower basket or eyelash glue, she had a solution. I couldn't believe all of the little things that pop-up on the day before and the day of the wedding. We really felt looked after and that were just able to enjoy our special day.” - Alyssa

“She took care of everything on the day of and I felt so relaxed. Even if something came up I just made her aware and she dealt with it.” - Diane & Rob

“All I remember is that everything went perfectly and I didn't have to do anything except show up and be in the moment.” - Charlene & Kevin


Troubleshooting, Problem Fixing

“When you hire a professional wedding planner, you're hiring someone that does this day in and day out. We plan weddings all year round, keep up on the trends, know how to troubleshoot problems, and have seen it all,” says Douglas, “At Amanda Douglas Events were constantly wearing different hats. We might be getting the kiddos down the aisle, fixing a dress that came unstitched, calming the nerves of family that have to make a speech, trouble shoot timing issues, vendor delays or keeping the event running smoothly and to time."


Choosing a Planner

While glowing reviews and positive testimonials are plenty, you still must be sure to do the initial research to find the perfect wedding planner for you!

In her blog, wedding planner and designer Katelyn Nicole of Elegant Productions Planning and Design says, “Your wedding day is no small feat. You and your Fiancee will likely spend hours, researching, communicating with and meeting your wedding dream team. It's heartbreaking to think that anyone you put so much faith in could potentially burn you before, on or after the big day, but it's a harsh reality and something we need to talk more openly about.”


Considerations when hiring wedding professionals here (Katelyn Nicole blog)
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A Positive Experience

Overall, a wedding planner will help to create a stress-free, enjoyable, beautiful and everlasting experience. “A wedding planner’s wedding brain speaks to your wedding heart! You’ll absolutely love the experiences they create, their aesthetics, their creativity, their passion and their innate ability to have a plan for anything and everything. Next to your fiance, it'll be the best decision you'll make for your wedding!” says Crystal Adair-Benning, author and owner of Distinct Occasions in Toronto.


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