Top Tips for a DIY Wedding
17 February 2018

Top Tips for a DIY Wedding

Wedding Planning

Let’s face it, weddings can be heartbreakingly expensive. Dreams of epic venues, lavish decor and personalized details can be quickly dashed when price tags are revealed.

DIY weddings are massively on the rise, with couples opting to co-create many elements of their big day, resulting in highly customized events at a lower cost than having the professionals do it all for you.

We asked the producers of the DIY Wedding Show in Vancouver for their top tips to plan an amazing DIY wedding.

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Wedding Planning Tip #5: Ask for help in lieu of gifts

Do you have friends outside of your immediate group that have exceptional talents? You can save yourself some money by asking them to contribute to your celebrations as their wedding gift to you. If one of your friends is always baking, ask them about doing a cake for you or helping you set up a cookie bar.

Wedding Planning Tip #4: Set monthly wedding planning goals

If you look at planning a DIY wedding all at once it is TERRIFYING, there’s no question. Instead of working with a long to-do list, break everything down into months. There are a bunch of online checklists and resources to help you to figure this out, and it makes this journey less stressful. 

Wedding Planning Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to say no

It’s your wedding and everyone from your mother to Cousin Karen is going to have an opinion. While it’s nice to have some help with planning here and there, remember that it’s your wedding so ultimately, they’re your decisions. If your mom suggests something that you absolutely hate, be respectful, but tell her no!

Wedding Planning Tip #2: You can’t DIY everything, nor should you try

This can be a hard one to keep in mind, because we automatically associate DIY with “affordable”, but they don’t always go hand in hand. Consider your DIY projects carefully - how much time will it take you to complete; is it worth that time? How much will materials cost? How important is it to you?

Wedding Planning Tip #1: The most important thing about your wedding is the person you’re marrying; nothing else really matters

With all the craziness of planning your perfect wedding, not to mention all the DIY added on top, it’s overwhelming and you can easily forget why you’re doing all this. Sometimes you need to take a step back from all the planning; go on a date with your partner, cut the wedding talk out for a night, and just enjoy each other. Remember why you’re doing this – to share your love for one another. No one’s going to remember the tedious little details ten years down the road, but they are going to remember how they cried at your vows or giggled at your first dance.


Breanne Dodge runs the first DIY wedding planning service in BC, based in Vancouver: ThistleBEA your wedding. She is also a producer for the DIY Wedding Show, which is happening in New Westminster on February 24th, 2018.

Do you want more tips? Head to the DIY Wedding Show on February 24th, 2018 at 100 Braid Street Studios in New Westminster. Breanne will be hosting Tea with ThistleBEA, an opportunity to sit down and ask any DIY wedding planning questions you can think of.

Image: Capture Your Now

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