Must-Have Baby Registry Items for Millennial Moms
04 September 2015

Must-Have Baby Registry Items for Millennial Moms

Baby Gifts

Today’s millennial moms are creative, ethical and into supporting authentic brands - especially when it comes to their kids. That’s why, when searching for the perfect baby shower gift, it’s important to think outside the ‘big box’ and give gifts with more meaning to ensure they're well received.

When it comes to gifting babes of millennial moms, above all think sustainable, organic and ethical.

Must-Have Baby Registry Gifts for Today’s Modern Millennial Mom



Sustainable and/or recycled stroller system

The Greentom Upp shown here is completely made of recycled plastic and therefore claims to be the planet’s greenest stroller. In addition to being sustainable, this sturdy stroller is also lightweight and that contributes to its practicality.


Organic, chemical-free diapers and baby products

A millennial mom knows better than to bathe and slather their babes with chemical-ladel creams and products so save your money on these. As well, they don’t have time to be washing out cloth diapers; but can get behind more organic, sustainable options like these from Honest Company and Earth's Best.


Handcrafted natural, latex-free and wooden toys

Shown here: Finn & Emma Organic Cotton Baby Wood Play Gym with organic cotton, hand knit, fair trade and free of lead, formaldehyde and VOC's


Baby Hammock

The new bassinett, a baby hammock brings natural motion, resulting in better sleep for babies, This one here, the Okoa Hammock uses eco-friendly and organic materials.


Natural Nursery Items

Skip the plastics and noisy nursery items and give simple, artisanal gifts to new moms. Shown here a handwoven, water hyacinth hamper.


Sustainable, Chemical-Free Baby Furniture

For baby furniture, sustainable wood, recyclable plastics & metals and low VOC finishes are on trend, like this baby lounger found at bloom.


Organic Quilts, Blankets & Clothing

Millennial moms are very conscious of what chemicals are seeping into babies' skin, which is why when gifting, always opt for organic textiles whether in clothing, blankets or carriers. There are many companies now that offer organic options for babies; as well an Etsy where you can find so many smaller, handmade items.

The ErgoBaby carrier shown here, is one of our GiftSpaces Trending items and makes a very thoughtful gift for millennial moms.



While cutesy clothes and baby toys make baby showers fun, every mama-to-be would appreciate a little cash on hand to buy all the extra little (or big) things that are needed after baby is born. As well, a contribution to a larger group gift may be very appreciated for second and third time moms.


And for the family....

We found this beautiful, solid oak, low VOC rocker from Canadian company Natart - a chic, healthier addition to any "millennial mom" nursery.


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