Lessons in Love

With Cupid said to be casting his arrow right about now, it felt fitting to ask a range of lovers "What's the most important thing you've learned about love in the past year?" From fun tips to beautiful words to live by, here's what they had to say:



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Trish and hubby Matty. Photo credit: Alex Lee @ Younghearts.ca

Love comes from all, in numerous ways. Its shown through patience, support, balance and willingness. These words are important to me when explaining what I've learned about love. My life has changed so much in the last year, even two years. After patiently waiting 15 plus years, my high school sweetheart asked me to marry him. We married on August 9, 2014.

After the wedding, I opened my own business, LoversLand Inc. with two of my girlfriends. I have never been so scared yet excited in my whole life! I have always been an independent women who rarely asked for anything and for the first time in my life I needed support; financially, emotionally and physically. Without hesitation, support was given by my husband, my partners, my family and friends. 

Being a wife, a co-worker and a soon to be mother is a lot to handle at times. Without finding balance, you will never succeed at any of these things. Taking time for yourself is so important when finding balance. Everyone around you might need something from you at one time or another but take the time to ask yourself, ‘what is it that I need’.

And last, finding love through willingness. Having the will to let go! Let go of that argument, let go of what people think or choose to do and just go with the flow. Allow others to be the decision maker and have them critique and give feedback. Life is too short to be stubborn. 

People are always learning new things about love. It is so incredible to be in an industry where you get to witness that happening everyday.



 Happy Monday All you need is love

Love can continue to grow, and even when you think you've reached your limit... it can grow that much more.
Love is patient and kind, and will always be there for you when you need it most.



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After spending a crazy year starting a new job, getting a dog, opening up a business together, living above that business and planning a wedding at a venue that doesn’t come with a wedding planner – we have been through quite a bit together in a short period of time! Some may ask, had we not been together for 8 years already, would we have made it through unscathed?

I can tell you that each big event in your life truly opens up new opportunities to learn about each other, learn about yourself and about love! Despite being through a lot together – this last year has taught us three important lessons about the evolution of love in a relationship:

1.     Appreciate each other’s differences. Yes, I have considered testing the: “You can change a man in a relationship” theory – but I have learned over this last year to truly appreciate the ways in which my husband and I operate differently. This is a crucial part to a strong and healthy relationship; I mean if you were dating yourself, wouldn’t you go crazy?! Our differences help to make each other better. These differences can be as small as how to load the dishwasher to as big as construction design decisions for the new business. Never take for granted an opportunity to learn about each other through a disagreement.

2.     Turn off Netflix! Just because you are watching it together, does not necessarily mean you are “spending time together”. There would be nights we would have a “date night” – which consisted of sitting on the same couch watching Netflix; however, we would be tying things up at work, responding to emails, calling wedding vendors or sleeping! We needed to be sure that we had true quality time with each other and step away from the tasks at hand – whether it was over dinner, or it was 5 minutes we needed to be sure we gave each other our undivided attention – Netflix and Chill sometimes needs to wait!

3.     Men need spoiling too. Women can’t forget that men like to be surprised, romanced or spoiled. It’s no longer a world of just flowers for women - it may be a surprise dinner of wings and beer under candlelight, or weekday tickets to a sports game –you have to keep the little extras and love coming his way!  I learned these extras triggered me to reflect on how much I loved him – and in return these little things can build a stronger, more loving relationship.

These are only things learned and appreciated after 8 years – I can’t imagine where we will be 50 years from now with many big steps in our lives to come. Love is an evolution, and we are both open and willing to continue to learn what it is all about!



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On top of the excitement of having a wedding and launching a business, our first year of marriage included some tough, unexpected family news. Coping with devastating news about people we loved, at the time, felt like our world was falling down. But when when we came out the other side (and you always do) I was left with a new and refreshed perspective on life & love, that I wouldn't take back, despite the extremely difficult circumstances to obtain it.

If there's anything my husband and I have had reinforced to us this past year, it's that happiness isn't about big, grand life moments. It isn't given, owned, earned, traveled to, won or consumed, and it definitely isn't something for us to strive for in the future. We mostly find happiness in the every day and the mundane - just waking up grateful and appreciating all life's tiny miracles.



SR W8279

Photo Credit: popbox.ca - photos taken at the recent wedding they shot in Mexico!

We are always learning the meaning of true love  - not only from the couple getting married, but everyone involved in the weddings we shoot. I am always impressed by how much weddings bring family and friends together. So many people helping to make two people's commitment to each other a reality. 

We were just shooting at a destination wedding in Mexico, and the bride had forgotten her dress back home in Toronto. The friend who ended up bringing the dress (after calling a locksmith to "break in" to her home) is a long lost high school friend of the bride's and they had just bumped into each other shortly before the wedding. They rekindled their friendship and she was coming to Mexico a day after the wedding party. Who knew she was going to be the one saving the day! Ladies, you know how important the dress is!! And, how much work it is to find and get it ready for the big day.

You never know what is going to happen on your wedding day, or any other day for that matter, and who will be the one to come to the rescue. It was so sweet to see those long lost friends sharing love for one another after all this times. Weddings bring people together and are a true testament to the love people have in their lives.

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