How to Tell Loved Ones about Your Bridal & Wedding Registry
26 October 2019

How to Tell Loved Ones about Your Bridal & Wedding Registry

Gift Registry Ideas

Although invited guests and those out-of-towners who can’t be at your wedding rely on gift giving suggestions, the concept of sharing the details of your wedding registry can still often be a touchy subject for people.

We know loved ones expect some sort of gifting direction, yet many still ask how to pass along wish lists tactfully, without seeming like they’re going for a gift-grab.

Most times, whether for a bridal shower or wedding, friends and family expect to be provided with gift registry information. Some may disregard the list (and hopefully give cash), while others genuinely want to give you exactly what you want!


Subtle ways to share your wedding registry with guests

1. Create your registry early and include the information on your bridal shower invitations

Usually sent out from a close friend or family member and meant for gift receiving, bridal shower invites are ideal for including gift registry information. Create one registry that carries over for your wedding gifts as well to minimize workload and maximize efficiency.


2. Create a very shareable wedding website and include a registry page

You can easily create a free wedding website online that includes wedding date and details, photos, hashtag and social media ideas and a link to your registry. It is absolutely acceptable to share your wedding website URL via paper invite, social media and email so guests can easily access all pertinent information.


3.  Tell your family, wedding party and close friends who can pass the info along

Tested and true, word-of-mouth is still one of the best ways to spread the word, especially among non-techies (AKA your parents’ older friends), and those closest to you. Ideally your immediate family and/or wedding party will spread the information on your behalf.


4. Include registry information with the wedding invitation *on a separate card

Now among many wedding etiquette experts, this is a big no-no and might come off as tacky and even greedy to some! However, when it comes to efficiency, effective communication and ease, including gift registry information with the main invite might be the only way to reach many people. Besides, modern couples are not boggled down with strict traditions.

There are worse things than including a small, separate card with a kind message like, ‘Please be aware that gifts are not necessary. Your presence is all that is required. However, for your convenience an optional gift registry is available’.

Do a Google search to help find an appropriate phrase.



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