How to Set Up a Honeymoon Registry
23 February 2016

How to Set Up a Honeymoon Registry


Honeymoon registries have been steadily gaining popularity in North America. And with great reason - with so many couples already living together and having already accumulated so much stuff, a honeymoon registry just makes sense. Instead of buying gifts, friends and family are given the option of contributing to lifelong memories.

A honeymoon registry works like a traditional wedding registry, except instead of listing things like towels and teapots, the couple collects funds towards anything from flights and hotel stays to day trips and tours.


Set up your Honeymoon registry online

A honeymoon fund can be easily set-up online. You should have a general idea of the details of your ideal trip and gather some great photos from the Internet to add to your custom registry.

 With a GiftSpaces honeymoon registry, couples have the option of creating:

  1.  a Single Gift Board with inspiring images of their ideal honeymoon. Guests can financially contribute any amount toward the honeymoon overall.
  2.  a Multiple Gift Board where they can break down the flight/hotel/cruise/dinner details of their honeymoon so loved ones can see exactly where their contributions are going.

See some examples of a Honeymoon Registry that uses the Single Gift Board template or a Honeymoon Registry thats uses the Multiple Gift Board template.

Once created, you simply share your unique URL with loved ones. We've outlined some simple and elegant ways to tell your loved ones about your Gift registry.


Do you book your travel through the registry site?

No. With a GiftSpaces honeymoon registry, you simply post photos and list coveted items like flights or resort stays. Guests contribute cash toward your adventure which is delivered to your bank account, which you use to fund your trip.


No need to pre-plan your entire honeymoon!

While you should have a general idea what you are asking for, your plans do not have to be set in stone. Guests send online payments towards your honeymoon fund, so the cash can essentially be used towards anything.


What can I add to my honeymoon registry?

You can add absolutely anything to your registry. If you want to keep it simple, include the basics like flights and hotel stay or go all out and include day trips, dinner cruises and couples massage. See our Inspiration Collections for ideas.


How much do guests contribute?

Unlike standard wedding registries, guests can contribute any amount they want with GiftSpaces. If using a Single Gift Board, there are no costs listed. Using a Multiple Gift Board, your can individually price honeymoon items, list them as group gifts and guests can still contribute any amount they want.


How much does it cost?

It is absolutely free to set-up and receive funds using a GiftSpaces registry. Guests are charged a small transaction fee, which is usually less than what they would pay towards taxes and/or shipping. When combined with the payment processing fee, guests pay 5.4% plus 30¢ per transaction. So about $5 on every $100.

GiftSpaces offers some of the lowest fees among our competitors. Read more


How do I receive my gifts

GiftSpaces uses WePay to process financial gift contributions from around the world. When a guest sends a payment online you are notified either by email. Contributions are directly transferred to your bank account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You decide!


Honeymoon registry etiquette

While we realize that not everyone is comfortable suggesting non-traditional gifts, consider that non-traditional registries are becoming increasingly popular among more modern, non-traditional and millennial couples. People realize they don’t have to conform to customs.

However, since there will always be an elderly family member or traditionalist in the crowd, you can also opt to include some ‘non-honeymoon’ or household items in your registry.



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Here at GiftSpaces, we are dedicated to helping brides and grooms-to-be, new parents, honeymooners and all those celebrating life's special moments turn their visions into reality through the power of community. GiftSpaces allows users to curate one registry with anything from anywhere and have friends and family contribute financial gifts.

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