Five ways to make your bridal registry awesome
06 June 2015

Five ways to make your bridal registry awesome

Gift Registry Ideas

Bridal registries can be way more than a place to buy china and white ware (snooze).

Here are five ways to spice things up!

1)   Don’t get hung up on what you’re ‘supposed’ to have. The wedding planning process is unfortunately rife with politics, but the best weddings are those that ditch the cookie cutter solutions and truly reflect the individual couple – gift registry included. Think outside the box.

2)   Go for things you’ll remember for life. Your wedding is (hopefully) one of the happiest days you’ll experience and the gifts you receive are a beautiful reminder. Will you really look back on those salt and pepper grinders with loving fondness in 50 years time?

3)   Be united in your choices! Unless your husband-to-be is a massive foodie, a registry stacked high with every variation of kitchen appliance and utensil is unlikely to float his boat. Create it together – what are some of the plans you’re most excited about as a couple and how can the gifts you receive for your wedding help bring them closer?

4)   Follow your passions – no one will begrudge helping you towards something they know you love. Whether it’s traveling, studying, fitness, design, food, music - go for gifts that you will truly appreciate and use with passion.

5)   Follow the fewer, bigger, better rule. Registries are too often packed out with hundreds of items at low price points. Most couples live together before marriage and actually really don’t need all that ‘stuff’. Pick the things that you couldn’t or wouldn’t just go and buy yourself, and have multiple people chip in to help make them happen.


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