Destination Weddings & GiftSpaces Registry: The Perfect Marriage
11 November 2016

Destination Weddings & GiftSpaces Registry: The Perfect Marriage

Wedding Planning

There are many reasons why more couples are choosing destination weddings - they're often less expensive, less stressful, more intimate, more dreamy - the list goes on! While out-of-country weddings certainly aren’t suitable for every couple or family, a well-planned and executed destination wedding, shared with loved ones, can be one of the most magical and wonderful times of your lives.

There are many things to consider when planning any wedding, but a destination wedding comes with its own list of must-do’s. While you will likely spend less time fussing with minute details (depending of course on the scale and budget of the wedding), there still are several important decisions to be made.


Location (country, venue, resort)

Be sure to research weather, tourist seasons, national holidays and price. Some other things to consider is how long it takes to travel to the destination, most economical departure cities, direct flights. Does everyone have a passport?



Although you may have a set budget before you start planning your wedding, it’ll won’t be until you start researching venues and reception costs until you really start setting your budget in stone. And even then, there are many more extras and add-ons that will cost money! Some things to think about:

  • Will you buy items (flowers, gifts, clothing, etc) in destination country or bring them?
  • What wedding packages are available?
  • Transportation to/from events/lodging
  • Group activities/welcome reception

Although a destination wedding in another country may be way more economical in the long run, you should expect to pay inflated wedding fees for any services/items that you purchase!


Get Help!

It is near impossible to plan a destination wedding without hired help. Flights and hotel aside, there are so many other local details to consider including ceremony location, caterers, florists, photographer, make-up/hair services and transportation.

The key options for wedding assistance are destination wedding planners, travel agents or resort event planners.


Resort/Event Planners

Resorts really try to make it easy to plan your wedding by publishing online information and photos, providing wedding package options at various budgets and someone to coordinate it all. They really try to cover everything from cakes to photographers to licenses. While in-house wedding/event planners are an awesome resource, many are really stretched thin, working on dozens of weddings at a time, and may not be as available as you would need or like.


Travel Agents

Travel agents have the goods on discounts, are knowledgeable in travel visas and documents and are available to help non-Internet savvy guests with bookings. Even if you’re planning your entire wedding, a travel agent may come in handy for large group bookings.


Destination Wedding Planners

"A key difference between working with an independent wedding planner vs an onsite resort coordinator is that we come onboard to help you plan your wedding from the very beginning of the planning process and continue to work with you through the entire planning timeline," says Monica Caesar, award-winning destination wedding planner and owner of Edmonton-based, Aisle Plan Your Day, "Typically, we invest an average of 100-150 hours, depending on the package selected and focus on absolutely everything wedding related from the beginning right through to the final stages of planning".

As well as assisting and making recommendations on attire, design, stationary, budget and etiquette and all other things reception, Caesar says the job of a destination wedding planner also helps the client understand important "ins and outs" of resort weddings such as time restrictions, legal marriage requirements and even making sense of confusing resort packages and extra fees.


Invitation List

While many people may not have the funds to travel for your wedding, it’s recommended to send “courtesy” invitations anyways, although keep in mind that more guests increases your overall costs for things like food, drinks and appreciation gifts.


Wedding Registry

Destination or not, people will still want to support your union by providing a wedding gift, especially those that have been invited by cannot attend for one reason or another. Because however, attendees will be shelling out big bucks for travel, be sure to include a range of inexpensive and expensive items on your gift registry and of course, don’t expect to receive anything more than someone’s love and presence!

And considering you and your guests will be travelling to attend the wedding, no one wants to be carting gifts between countries.  Creating a GiftSpaces Registry to collect funds towards the things that matter most to you will mean you're not paying additional luggage charges to get your gifts back home, and you're also not having to worry about carrying large sums of money around after the wedding. Its the convenient, secure and meaningful way to start a new life together.

You can register for small items and group gifts where friends and family contribute what they want to towards your new life, whether its a honeymoon, contributions towards purchasing a new home together or an upgrade on your old university furniture - or anything your heart desires.



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1. Title photo provided by is a Canadian boutique photography and videography studio that caters weddings all over the globe. Every client is given specialized and personal attention to ensure their big day is captured perfectly.

2. Image via Aisle Plan Your Day Photography by: Pixan Photography

Monica Caesar is an award winning, full-time destination wedding planner and the owner of Aisle Plan Your Day based in Edmonton, Canada. Touted as one of Canada’s leading destination wedding experts and known for her creative and innovative ideas, Monica’s “zest- for- life” paired with her extensive experience and travels are ultimately the foundation that has built Aisle Plan Your Day into the seasoned wedding and event planning company that it is today. Her energetic personality engages her clients as she creates one-of-a-kind weddings that are unique and distinctive in design. Aisle Plan Your Day has been a premier source for weddings since 2006, producing and executing flawless celebrations in locales spanning across Canada, to Mexico and all throughout the Caribbean.



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