New Year Gift Registry Ideas to inspire your Mind, Body, and Soul
07 January 2018

New Year Gift Registry Ideas to inspire your Mind, Body, and Soul

Gift Registry Ideas

As we all know, the beginning of the year is a great time to reset and refocus and get clear on what you want from the coming year.
We have been trawling the internet for ideas for how to get the most out of 2018 and have rounded up our favourites to help inspire and delight. Plus, we think why not include these items and experiences on your GiftSpaces Gift Registry if you are looking for more than china and white-ware in your life!
You can find all of the items below in our Mind, Body Soul Inspiration Collection, where you can add them directly onto your GiftSpace.

yoga platform2

Yoga and Meditation

There are all kinds of courses and apps out there to help you hone your yoga and mindfulness practices, so depending on what exactly you want to get out of it and what your budget and time considerations are, you'll be sure to find something that works for you.
Meditation Courses
Vipassana Meditation is one of India's oldest techniques, first taught 2,500 years ago. Be warned - this is not for the faint of heart. Courses are 10 days long and held at the Ontario Vipassana Centre in Barrie, Ontario. Practice starts at 6am and often won't end for the day before 9pm. A nutritious vegetarian menu will be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which will facilitate your meditation practice. In addition, a strict no talking code of conduct is followed by all participants. By the end of it you will leave with a great amount of wisdom and peace that will be a refuge to you for the rest of your life.
Mindfulness Apps is a meditation app that explains itself as "Your own personal trainer, here to help you train your mind". You can sign up for a free 10 day program and if you like it, there are a range of different subscription options that you can buy for around $8 per month. Headspace has over a million users and from what we've heard, is a pretty powerful little app.
Yoga Classes 
Laya Spa and Yoga in Toronto and Happy Tree Yoga in Montreal offer a wide range of different courses, as well as one off, drop-in, sessions. Classes range from beginner to experienced and are great if you are just starting off and need close attention from a registered yoga instructor, or if you just enjoy practicing with other people.
Yoga Retreats
If you want to really get away from the stresses of daily life, a yoga retreat will leave you feeling completely refreshed and renewed. There are many retreats offered in tropical paradises around the world (try Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand, Mexico or any number of other places!) and a week there will ensure you return home inspired and balanced - mentally, physically and spiritually.

Mama Earth

Healthy Subscription Services

Organic fruit and vegetable box deliveries 
There are tons of companies throughout Canada nowadays who work with local, organic farmers to deliver fresh fruit and vegetables direct to your house every week. They are fully customizable and the prices are comparable to buying directly from a supermarket. And oh-so convenient - you don't even have to leave the house!
Some great options include Mama Earth Organics in Toronto or Jardin des Anges in Montreal. 
Personal Care Products
Think Dirty provides a similar service and deliver hand picked, chemical free cosmetics and personal care items direct to your door. You can purchase a one off box for yourself or as a gift, or sign up to have a new box delivered on a schedule set by you. You'll never run out of toiletries again and you'll be avoiding all those nasty chemicals - which your body will be sure to thank you for.
Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Services
We all could do with a little help around the house every now and then (or every week!) and knowing that there are Home Cleaning companies out there that use products that are environmentally friendly and much better for you and your family, makes us feel much less guilty about not doing it ourselves.
Good Karma provides home cleaning services using non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products in the Toronto area and Life Maid Easy provides the same in Vancouver. 

Zvitamix 6


Vitamix Blender
These don't need much introduction - the most powerful and reliable blender for home use, a Vitamix is a game changer for making soups, salsa, fresh juices and smoothies. Available from all big apartment stores around Canada.
Re-usable Water Bottles
There are a lot of re-usable water bottles on the market today, and really, as long as they are BPA free, you could use any of them. We do love S'well water bottles though as they look great, are composed of non-leaching and non-toxic stainless steel and a portion of the profits from bottle sales go to support UNICEF's work improving access to safe water and sanitation facilities in schools and communities around the world. 
A Bike
Leave the car in the garage and say adios to transit. Get a bike, and your body and the environment will thank you! 
A Kindle
A great gift for all avid (or well intentioned!) readers. Purchasing books on an e-reader is cheaper and quicker than ordering books online or visiting a bookstore, and they are super convenient for travelling.
If you feel inspired by the options above, check out our MIND, BODY, SOUL Inspiration Collection where you can add any of these items directly onto your GiftSpace.


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