20 Ingenious Summer Wedding Ideas for your Outdoor Reception
17 May 2016

20 Ingenious Summer Wedding Ideas for your Outdoor Reception

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photo credit: Wedding styling @lisavorce

An outdoor wedding reception can be quite a romantic dream-come-true: blue skies, flowers in bloom and a gentle breeze all make up an ideal vision to share with loved ones. Garden party table scapes, luxurious tents and live entertainment are only a few options for a grand bash outdoors.

Take a look at Pinterest - one of our favorite websites for wedding inspiration for thousands of ideas to pull off your own perfect outdoor reception!

  1. Hand out hot weather wedding favors that can be used during the ceremony and be taken home: sunglasses, fans or even little parasols may be much appreciated!

  2. Consider gifting classy, outdoor/nature-theme wedding favors like succulents in tea cups or cutesy little vintage pots.

  3. Ceremony programs can double as fans. Get ones that relate to your theme or better yet, easily make your own DIY fans.

  4. Go crazy with *biodegradable* confetti! Hand out dried flowers, lavender, cake sprinkles or even rice to toss around.

  5. Worried about decorating all that wide open outdoor space? Do as the pro designers do and hang beautiful flowers overhead to create a more intimate area.
    summer wedding inspo1
  6. Make use of the tree branches by hanging lights and candles. Use vases, jars or hanging string lights.

  7. Ensure your guests are well hydrated in the heat! Put drinks, such as water and juice on ice for easy access. Get creative ~ use wheelbarrows, wine barrels or even a boat depending on your theme.

  8. Bug spray is a must for grassy, woody or beachy receptions.

  9. Don't forget the sunscreen!

  10. We love this ‘Take Care’ basket from New Wave Domesticity that includes flip flops, sunscreen, bug spray and more!

  11. High heel protectors for grassy areas! Ingenious! Find them here.

  12. Minimize the work by skipping the table cloths (it works outdoors!) and even don’t be afraid to use mixed and match chairs for a chic, rustic look.

  13. Worried about the icing on your cake melting in the sun? Consider a delectable and fresh ‘naked’ wedding cake. The options are endless although most include some buttercream between layers and then heaped with berries and flowers for decoration.
    summerwedding inspo2
  14. String lights are a must for a romantic outdoor reception!

  15. Lawn games are en vogue ~ why not set up a little lawn bowling or croquet?

  16. Set up a kids table with crayons, treats and other fun things to keep the kiddies busy!

  17. Provide ‘dancing shoes’ for your guests! Inexpensive flip flops to keep guests on their feet all night!
  18. Distribute sparklers for guests for a magical evening dance. They make for great photos!

  19. Did somebody say marshmallows? Make everyone extra happy with fire pit for Smores!

  20. Have a rain back-up plan! Either move the party indoors or have a tent on hand just in case!

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